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This website is being gradually updated and meanwhile here is a message from Heather Starbuck, Chair of ‘Stitch Together’ –

 Dear Fellow Embroiderers,

I do hope you and your members have got over the shock of the Guild reducing their commitments and off-loading the branches to fend for ourselves! Many of you are planning to adopt new names, new constitutions etc and will be carrying on as Independent Stitch Groups (ISGs). Thank you. You are all officially amazing!

Your ‘old’ regional committee will become an ISG in its own right; our main aim will be ‘to promote the art of embroidery and related textile crafts through the provision of meetings, lectures, exhibitions, workshops and classes’.

We haven’t ironed out all the creases just yet, and we are waiting to see if we get any financial support from the Guild, but we have plans in place. This years’ Summer School will be online, booking forms have been sent out. We plan to offer a jamboree in July and a full Celebration of Stitch Day in September, so watch this space!

We will always offer support and advice to any committee; so do contact me, via the ‘Contact Us’ page, if you are in any doubt about anything. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find a busy woman who does!!

Take care, Heather Starbuck Chair Stitch Together

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