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This website is being gradually updated and meanwhile here is a message from Heather Starbuck, Chair of ‘Stitch Together’ –

Dear All,
Well we did it, we have formed our committee into a stitch group and our plan to
offer events throughout the South East is developing. We will endeavour to offer a
programme that you will enjoy and will take that opportunity to meet with friends
from all the different ex-branches. We are hoping that face-to-face meetings will
resume in September, other events such as our ‘summer school’ in June will be held
online, and I’m thrilled to tell you that it has sold out. The July Jamboree will also be
a virtual event and Janet Brown has an article in the newsletter giving a proposed
outline for the day.
Several of the newly formed groups have been recognised as ‘affiliated’ to the EG,
and are receiving certificates. Maybe soon they’ll receive the promised grant of
£250. In the meantime you can be reassured that the insurance offered by the EG
is in place. It is unknown if next year there will be a charge for continued affiliation,
we will have to wait and see.
STG will always offer support and advice to any stitch group; so do contact me,
if you are in any doubt about anything. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find a busy
woman who does!!
Take care,
Heather Starbuck
Chair Stitch Together

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