‘Stitch Together’ Committee Information

Following the appointment of Heather as our new Chairman, and here is the ‘Stitch Together’ Committee with each members respective area of responsibility.

Heather Starbuck   (Arundel Creative Embroiderers)                             

Chair and STG School Student Co-ordinator, plus support partner to the Events Coordinator and all other roles ChairSTG@yahoo.com

 Janet Brown     (Horsham Creative Embroiderers)                               

Vice Chair and Events Coordinator and support partner to the Chair

Anne Sillifant             (East Surrey Textile Group)                     

STG School Tutor Co-ordinator, plus Creative Exhibition Coordinator and support partner to the YE Coordinator

Christine  Seymour-Godwin     ( Sheppey Creative Stitchers)                         

Secretary and STG School Coordinators

Jen Ford (Kingston Stitchers)                        

‘Stitch Together’ Communication and support partner to the Summer School Coordinator

Jo Freeborough (Dorking Branch)         

YE Coordinator and support partner to the Creative Exhibition Coordinator

Sue Potts (Woking Creative Stitchers)

Finance manager and website support

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